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Power generation

The electricity sales carried out by the ERG Group refer mainly to the electricity generated by its plants1, both wind power (ERG Renew) and thermoelectric (ISAB Energy and ERG Power) as well as, to a lesser extent, purchases on organised markets and through physical bilateral agreements. Of the electricity sales carried out in Italy in 2013, approximately 8.8 TWh relate to the electricity generated by Group plants, accounting for approximately 2.8% of total domestic demand (2.5% in 2012). The 2013 data include the contribution of the sales by ERG Wind farms. The breakdown of sale volumes, with reference to the type of source, is shown in the following table:

Power generation

Year 2013 Year 2012
ERG Renew Italia 2.010 1.072
ERG Renew Abroad 393 150
ISAB Energy 4.142 4.077
ERG Power & GAS 4.087 3.775
Total 10.631 9.074

In 2013, steam sales2 amounted to 1,577 thousand tonnes (1,628 in the same period of 2012), of which 1,042 thousand tonnes to ISAB S.r.l.
Gas sales were 502 million Sm3 – Standard cubic metres - (486 million Sm3 in 2012), of which 354 million Sm3 to ISAB S.r.l.

Petroleum products  

Total Refining & Marketing sales of petroleum products, in 2013, amounted to 7.8 million tonnes (10.3 million tonnes in 2012), of which 61% were on the domestic market, and the remaining 39% were abroad. The reduction in sale volumes is due both to the different perimeter deriving from the reduction in the share in the ISAB Refinery and from the shutdown of Raffineria di Roma (which took place in September 2012), and to the more generalised decline in demand in the various commercial networks.
The following table breaks down ERG's oil product sales by distribution channel. The figures include the contribution from TotalErg sales at 51%.

(Thousands of tonnes) Year 2013 Year 2012
Refining and Logistics    
Exports via ship 3.052 5.071
Deliveries to the domestic market 2.266 2.301
Total Refining and Logistics 5.713 7.373
Retail network 1.544 1.642
Wholesale network 934 1.283
Total Marketing 2.478 2.925
Total petroleum products 7.795 2.925

(1)  For ERG Power & Gas sales of electric power differ from productions in that they include energy purchased and resold on the wholesale market and on forward markets.
(2)  Steam supplied to final users net of the quantities of steam withdrawn by the users and of pipeline losses.

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ERG S.p.A. - Genova

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