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Health, safety and environment

Protecting persons' health and safety and the environment is a priority in the ERG Group's enterprise culture: the prevention and management of the connected risks are therefore central in the implementation of the Group's HSE Policy.

Health and safety

In 2013, the goal of updating the Guidelines for the Integrated Management of Health, Safety and the Environment within the Group was achieved.

These documents apply to ERG SpA and to all subsidiaries and they represent:

  • the expression of the principles set out in the Group HSE Policy in the relevant themes and processes;
  • a useful tool for the implementation of common guidelines at all Group sites;
  • the reference for a homogeneous, coordinated HSE Integrated Management System (SGI).

The issuing process saw the active participation of all company functions involved in the management of these issues and the approval by the top management in the course of a dedicated Sustainability Committee meeting; the Guidelines, issued in May 2013, entered into force from 1 July 2013 onwards.

The articulation of the contents of the aforesaid guidelines, supported by an internal work group, pertained in particular to:

  • the promulgation of rules of behaviour with reference to workers' obligations in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 81/08, to compliance with the procedures of the adopted SGI and with the policy of no alcohol, no smoking, no mood-altering drugs and safe driving rules;
  • the definition and adoption of uniform criteria for making appointments, vesting powers and assigning duties to personnel with HSE responsibilities;
  • the implementation of an internal reporting and communication process, consistent for all Companies in the Group, with respect to relevant information and accidental events;
  • the definition of shared approaches in the management of suppliers in HSE terms, with particular reference to the qualification stage, to the management of subcontracts, to the verification of field performance and to compliance with contractual requirements.

Within the Group, training on workplace health and safety matters continued at all organisational levels, involving the various professionals involved; in particular, the training of managers and executives was focused, in accordance with the content of the State Regions Agreement of 21 December 2011, on the issues of communication and workers' sensitisation with respect to safety issues.
In 2013, the ERG Group, which has always been keen on promoting its employees' health and safety, also offered its personnel the opportunity to undergo a series of medical tests for the prevention of the most common neoplasms for subjects more exposed to risk according to international protocols.
The injury indicators for 2013 show the excellent result of "zero injuries" for ERG Oil Sicilia, for ERG Renew and for the ERG S.p.A. sites of Rome and Siracusa.


During 2013, at the ISAB Energy plant included in the "Priolo national interest site", area remediation work continued, consistently with applicable rules. Confirming the fact that environmental issues remain a central element in the Group's strategy of sustainable development in the territory where it operates, ISAB Energy consolidated and intensified the initiatives to safeguard groundwater, by pumping and recovering it within the production cycle: the initiatives have enabled to achieve a substantial improvement, over time, in the quality of the groundwater, which is subject to periodic monitoring.
The IGCC plant of ISAB Energy and the thermoelectric plants of ERG Power have achieved significant targets for the improvement of environmental performance, by completing the adoption of the "best available techniques" in the industry, defined at the European Community level, as prescribed by the Integrated Environmental Authorisations, granted in accordance with the EC Directive (IPPC – Integrated Prevention Pollution and Control). In particular, ISAB Energy started work to optimise emissions to the flare system, whilst ERG Power completed work to reduce the environmental impact of the SA1N/1 group (to be dedicated to the generation of steam for the site's other customer companies) adopting modern techniques to abate atmospheric emissions. Moreover periodic and thorough tests carried out by the supervisory Agencies have enabled to confirm full compliance with the prescriptions, as well as the accuracy and reliability of the monitoring and control activities, in particular for atmospheric emissions and water discharges.

Lastly, in 2013, in line with the previous years, ERG made the following fundamental contributions in terms of reducing greenhouse gases in order to achieve national objectives set by the Kyoto Protocol and EU emissions trading directive:

  • developing the use of renewable sources (e.g. wind power).
  • developing and supporting the use of low-carbon fossil fuels (e.g. natural gas);
  • improving the energy efficiency and integration of its own industrial activities (e.g. high efficiency cogeneration).

ERG also participates in the Italian Carbon Fund in order to obtain emission credits by financing projects to reduce emissions, such as the construction of renewable energy source plants outside of Italy (Clean Development Mechanism projects as part of the flexible mechanisms envisaged by the Kyoto Protocol).

Safety management and certification system

Consistently with the Group's health, safety and environmental Policy, in 2013 the programme for the certification of the integrated Management Systems according to the international standards ISO 14001 Environment and OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety was consolidated.
ISAB Energy Services renewed its certification for the activities carried out at the sites of the ISAB Energy and ERG Power plants and with respect to ISAB Energy (owner of the assets comprising the IGCC plant) in relation to environmental management according to ISO 14001.
ERG Power added the qualification according to the OHSAS 18001 standard to its existing ISO 14001 certification.

Lastly, the company ERG Renew completed the group certification process, for all subsidiaries (excluding the companies included in the LUKERG scope of consolidation and ERG Renew Operation & Maintenance), of the Integrated Management Systems in accordance with ISO14001, ISO9001 and OHSAS 18001.

Product quality 

The Group is committed to improve product quality in accordance with national and EC guidelines, and in particular the percentage of use of bio fuels in automotive products, which is to increase annually at the national level by up to 10% in 2020.
ERG Oil Sicilia guaranteed the reduction in CO2 emissions on the basis of the previous year's obligation to supply biofuels for consumption; against this backdrop, it activated its system for reporting to the competent Authority (GSE) through the computerised system made available and providing the related certificates of sustainability.
In the sales outlets, Diesel ONE sales continued in 2013; this fuel is aimed at improving Energy Efficiency and hence performance. This product is characterised by the presence of a polyfunctional mix of additives that enables to prevent the formation of deposits within the fuel injection system, promoting the complete combustion of the product and hence a more environmentally friendly use thereof. The main effects of the use of Diesel ONE are better combustion "cleanliness", better performance, reduced consumption but above all lower atmospheric emissions.
Detailed analysis of all issues relating to health, safety and the environment is an integral part of ERG's annual Sustainability Report.

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ERG S.p.A. - Genova

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