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Cultural and social activities

ERG and culture

In 2013 ERG renewed its efforts in activities in favour of cultural and social institutions and events.
Out of the commitment of the Group and of the Garrone and Mondini families in social and cultural matters arose, in 2004, the Edoardo Garrone Foundation (Fondazione Edoardo Garrone, FEG). A member of the European Foundation Centre, FEG is a not-for-profit cultural foundation that was set up to make a concrete contribution of ideas and resources to research projects and projects for the protection and promotion of art and culture in collaboration with a high-profile scientific committee.
Within the scope of the "Festival della Scienza" (the Science Festival held in Genoa from 23 October to 3 November 2013), ERG supported the "Capitani Coraggiosi" ("Captains Courageous") conference cycle, dedicated to founders of enterprises who support our Country's development, thus becoming a concrete example of Italian know-how.
The Group is also a member of CIVITA, an association actively involved in promoting and managing Italy's cultural heritage and in safeguarding, enhancing and providing access to artistic and cultural assets through exhibitions, cinema and European projects and it is a founding member of the Magna Charta foundation (Fondazione Magna Carta) that, since 2004, has been dedicated to scientific research, cultural reflection and to devising proposed reforms on major political issues.
As usual, ERG sponsored the Confindustria's traditional Young Entrepreneurs Conference (Convegno dei Giovani Imprenditori), held on 7 and 8 June 2013 in Santa Margherita Ligure.
This yearly event, which reached its 43rd edition, provides a valuable opportunity for discussion of economic, political and social issues, and it showcases the contribution of young Italian entrepreneurs to the Country's economic and social development. For Confindustria Giovani, ERG also sponsored the "Bootcamp", an excellent training event where didactics and practice merge to create useful competencies to confront the challenging environment where Italian companies are currently operating.
In 2013, ERG confirmed its own commitment to Fondazione INDA Onlus, a non-profit foundation that since 1914 has organised classical shows at the Greek Theatre in Siracusa, of which ERG has been the sole private partner since 2009. The collaboration with INDA is achieved through support to theatrical productions, in particular to the 49th Cycle of Classical Shows at the Greek Theatre.

ERG and social development

The Group has always striven to promote social development in the communities where it operates. Solidarity and social commitment are a foremost part of ERG's system of values. After the temporary experience, "Dialogo nel Buio" ("A Conversation in the Dark") has become a permanent exhibition in the area of the Old Harbour in Genoa. ERG, in collaboration with the David Chiossone Institute, is a partner in the "Dialogo nel Buio" project, which provides a truly educational experience: it is a "trip" that takes place in completely dark spaces, accompanied by sight-impaired guides, that allowed visitors to "see" in a new way, using their senses of touch, hearing, smell and taste to have an extra-ordinary experience, where roles are reversed and barriers are brought down.
It was an opportunity to discover an alternative way to relate to the world around us and to understand, in an open, unbiased way, the daily life of a disabled person; it also provided an opportunity to turn a disability into an irreplaceable professional skill.
At the end of 2013, ERG donated a parcel of land, located in the Municipality of Genoa, to be used for social purposes, to the CEIS (Centro di Solidarietà Genova, Genoa Solidarity Centre, a non-profit organisation that combats drug dependency and youth marginalisation).

In 2013, ERG once again supported, for the seventh consecutive year, the "Guida Sicura per i Giovani" (Safe Driving for Young People) project, devised by the Drivemotion Safe Driving Centre and aimed at students of secondary schools in Genoa's Ponente section who have recently gained their driving license, with the participation of the European Parliament, of the Province of Genoa (Traffic and Provincial Police Department) of the Ponente Municipal Authority, of the Traffic Police, of the Italian Red Cross and of the regional and provincial school offices of the Ministry of Public Education.
The goal of the course is to train more capable, mature, responsible young drivers, who above all are aware of their limitations in controlling a car in critical situations, focusing specifically on the hazards of driving when sleepy, intoxicated and under the influence of mood-altering drugs.
This year, ERG chose to fund the manufacture of canvas bags made from discarded umbrellas, produced by the female inmates of the Genoa Pontedecimo Prison. The aim of the initiative is to couple persons' skills and their return to society, bringing back to life an object that was no longer usable.
For Christmas, ERG decided to allocate gift money to activities with social aims. One portion was allocated to support Emergency's project for enhancing the migrant reception facility "Umberto I" in Siracusa, while the remainder was allocated to Associazione Libera Terra (Free Earth Association), which proposes a virtuous economic system in critical areas, contrasting organised crime.
In the Siracusa area, ERG continues to support public health care through initiatives aimed mainly at improving the service offered to the citizenry. The Group stipulated an agreement with the Siracusa ASP for the implementation of the "Survivors Project" (in collaboration with ISAB), dedicated to providing care and assistance to tumour patients; this activity is the natural continuation of the Oncological Assistance Network in the Province, launched in 2007. ERG participates in the implementation of a model for the prevention and care of oncological diseases considered extremely advanced with respect to the management and quality of the services provided. ERG also continued to support the activities of the Umberto I Hospital and of the Priolo Breast Cancer Centre, providing the diagnostic equipment of the facilities operated by the Siracusa ASP.
In Priolo, Melilli and Augusta, ERG contributed to the social activities organised by the municipal authorities for the young and the elderly, supporting a series of social initiatives throughout the year. In particular, in 2013 ERG supported the EnERGia Project, in collaboration with the Municipality of Melilli, carried out in the area's centres for the elderly, by funding dance and gentle work-out courses.
Starting in 2010, ERG, in collaboration with ISAB, has supported the "School Project", carrying out activities within schools of all levels in the Siracusa province. In particular, for middle schools, contests were organised on safety and law enforcement issues, in collaboration with the Fire Department and the Carabinieri. For secondary schools, ERG promoted, in collaboration with Junior Achievement Italy, the implementation of the project "Impresa in Azione" ("Enterprise in Action") in Sicily.
In 2013, ERG participated in the sixth edition of Volalibro, a youth culture festival that takes place in Noto. Within the scope of the event, ERG held a lecture on energy to secondary school students.
Among its activities aimed at schools, on 16 November 2013 ERG organised the Electric Energy Day, which enabled 200 students from the secondary schools of the Siracusa province to visit the ISAB Energy plant in Priolo. The event, aimed at promoting the local community's knowledge of ERG's world, entailed the participation of ISAB Energy Services managers and technologists who illustrated the technical characteristics of the plant to the students, with particular references to the energy efficiency and sustainability of ERG production processes.

ERG and sport

After being an institutional partner of U.C. Sampdoria for a long time, ERG focused its attention and support to projects dedicated to youth and, in line with its Corporate Social Responsibility policies, it maintains its role as naming sponsor for the tournament "Torneo Ravano ERG", whose spirit if fully consistent with the appreciation and promotion of youth sports. The 2013 edition took place from 21 January to 7 February at Genoa's 105 Stadium. This year, the leading sports of the initiative were football, rugby, volleyball and basketball: the largest school Tournament in Europe set yet a new record in terms of participants, with 493 teams, 197
schools from Liguria and Piedmont and more than 5,000 girls and boys.
ERG was also a "Gold Sponsor" of the 14th edition of "Stelle nello Sport" (Sports Stars), a project conceived and organised to promote sports in Liguria, under the leadership of the Italian National Olympics Committee (CONI) of Liguria and Genoa. The initiative involved all of Liguria's sport federations and teams, fans and supporters in an event that provided the opportunity to socialise and have fun, but also to showcase the local sporting world with a significant public service purpose: to collect funds in favour of Genoa's Gigi Ghirotti Association, which provides free assistance to terminal patients at home and in hospices.
In the Siracusa area, ERG Supports the "Trofeo Archimede ed Elettra" (Archimedes and Electra Trophy), with the traditional participation of the grammar and middle schools of all municipalities in the Siracusa province.
In 2013, the trophy reached its twenty-third edition, with the participation of over 500 primary and middle school students.
The ERG Group also sponsored, through ISAB Energy, the Trogylos women's basketball team in the Serie A1 league, which has won two championships (1989 and 2000) and the Champions Cup in 1990.

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